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What is the Difference Between NLP and Life Coaching

Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) is a relatively new concept in the field of life coaching. It is a method of behavior modeling that helps individuals make changes in their lives by understanding the relationships between language, behavior, and thought.

Difference Between NLP and Life Coaching

John Grinder and Richard Bandler developed it in the 1970s, and people have used it to overcome both personal and professional challenges. NLP is focused on understanding the structure of subjective experience and using that understanding to bring about desired changes in behavior and quality of life. NLP can be used to influence behavior, communication, and thinking in a way that is constructive and positive.

Life coaches who use NLP as their tool of choice believe that by focusing on how people think and feel, they can better understand them and help them achieve their goals.

How do NLP and Life Coaching work Together?

NLP, combined with life coaching, works on the premise that our thoughts create our reality. By using a variety of techniques, such as NLP, life coaches help clients identify and modify their core beliefs and patterns of behavior that are blocking their progress.

How do NLP and Life Coaching work Together

This means helping clients become more resourceful and develop new strategies to cope with everyday life. In addition, life coaches can help clients identify limiting beliefs and behaviors and replace them with positive ones.

An Example of NLP Used in Life Coaching Practice

To get a better idea of what NLP life coaching looks like in practice, here is an example:

The Life Coach meets with a client, “John”, who is having difficulty getting promoted in his job. After asking questions to better understand his situation, the Coach begins applying NLP, encouraging John to change his pattern of behavior by focusing on what he can do differently in order to improve his chances of getting promoted.

The Coach may ask John to identify any self-limiting beliefs that could be blocking his progress and then help him find ways to challenge them. The Coach may also suggest other strategies to help him succeed such as updating his skillset or network.

Differences between NLP and Life Coaching

NLP and life coaching are two powerful ways to help individuals reach their potential and live a richer, more fulfilling life. While there are similarities between these two approaches, there are also some key differences.

NLP vs Coaching

The key difference between NLP and life coaching is the focus of the approaches. While NLP focuses on understanding and modifying behavior, communication, and thinking through structured techniques, life coaching is more focused on helping individuals achieve their personal goals.

NLP can be used in combination with life coaching to help individuals modify their behavior, communication, and thinking in order to more easily reach their stated goals.

NLP and Certified Health and Wellness Coaches

NLP and certified health and wellness coaching are two disciplines that are increasingly being used to help people improve their well-being and quality of life. Although these practices may seem different on the surface, there are some crucial similarities between them that should not be overlooked.

At their core, both NLP and certified health and wellness coaching share the same goal: helping individuals achieve personal development. Both of them apply strategies like goal-setting, role-playing, and visualization to help people perform at a desired level while also demonstrating an understanding of how our mental and physical environments affect our behavior.

They also both focus on the connection between the mind, body, and emotions, utilizing the power of language to influence thought, feeling, and behavior.

Despite their differences, both NLP and certified health and wellness coaching share some key techniques. Both of them aim to identify negative patterns of behavior that are preventing individuals from achieving their goals and replace them with healthier alternatives.

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Both also use active listening to gain insight into an individual's motivations and goals and to develop a plan to help them reach their desired outcomes.

Finally, they both focus on building mental resilience and emotional intelligence in order to help individuals overcome challenges and move forward toward positive life changes.


In conclusion, while there are some similarities between NLP and life coaching, there are also some key differences. NLP is a set of techniques designed to help individuals understand and control their behavior, communication, and thinking patterns, while life coaching is focused more on helping individuals achieve their goals. Both approaches offer powerful tools to help individuals live richer, more fulfilling lives.

NLP and certified health and wellness coaching have much in common. While they may have different approaches to personal growth, both methods share the same goal of helping individuals improve their lives by identifying negative patterns of behavior and replacing them with healthier alternatives.

You are not alone; work with a certified health and wellness coach who also encompasses life coaching skills– reach out for support when you need it, and recognize that the steps you take towards mental health and happiness are worth the effort.

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