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About the Speaker and Trainer


Certified Health & Wellness Coach 

Author of SIGN UP!


Nashville TN's 2023 Pride Parade "Grand Marshall"

"I am on a mission to equip professionals and organizations with transformational tools to lead courageous, healthy, and fulfilling business and personal lives through impactful coaching and transformative training products, services, and programs."

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When to invite Eric as a Motivational Speaker in Tennessee (TN)

Does your organization have an upcoming conference, corporate summit, training workshop, webinar, virtual event, or a multi-day offsite retreat for women, the lgbtq+ community, or college students that focuses on personal and professional development? Invite Eric L. Cox, the author of SIGN UP: 10 Interactive Lessons to Take Your Goals from the Starting Line to Across the Finish Line, as your event motivational speaker and trainer.

Who Eric helps as a Life Coach Motivational Speaker and Educational Motivational Speaker

He has the refreshing perspective and experience necessary to help everyone, from the 20-something college student just starting their career to the 50-something professional who has so many things on their plate, find their footing and create a better future for themselves. He gives real-world advice and helps shed light on difficult situations. 

How does Eric support audiences as a Life Coach Motivational Speaker

Eric is an experienced motivational speaker in Tennessee with a deep understanding of personal growth and how to achieve goals. He brings the topics of his book, SIGN UP!, to life on stage. He has spoken on topics such as how to break through blocks to success and how to create lasting changes in your life. 


Eric L. Cox is a dynamic and engaging speaker who brings his expertise and passion for personal development to every event. His interactive speaking style ensures that participants not only learn valuable lessons but also leave inspired and ready to take action towards their goals. 


Eric is a motivational speaker and life coach from Tennessee. He has a special understanding and knowledge about inspiring people from all walks of life and backgrounds to reach their goals. His signature teaching style is interactive and insightful, which helps people gain the clarity they need to stay motivated on their journey to success. 


Eric's ability to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds stems from his own personal experiences and the challenges he has overcome. He shares his own stories of resilience and perseverance, creating a relatable and empowering atmosphere for his audience. By combining his unique perspective with interactive exercises, Eric ensures that participants not only gain practical tools for success but also develop a renewed sense of determination to achieve their dreams. 


Eric's understanding of the unique challenges faced by women and LGBTQ+ individuals in the professional world sets him apart as a valuable resource. His guidance is tailored to address the specific obstacles and discrimination that may be encountered, offering practical strategies for success. 


With Eric's support, working professionals, including women and those in the LGBTQ+ community, can navigate their careers with confidence and authenticity, ultimately achieving their goals and making a positive impact in the world. 

Why invite Eric as a Life Coach Motivational Speaker

Eric L Cox is the perfect person to invite as your motivational speaker in Tennessee (TN) or abroad. Whether you’re a college student, a woman in the workforce, or part of the LGBTQ+ community, Eric’s book, provides the perfect platform to start building strong foundations for life-long success, personally and professionally. 

What does Eric use to support audiences as an Educational Motivational Speaker

Eric’s book, SIGN UP, includes 10 workshops that focus on topics such as self-confidence and goal setting. Through powerful stories and meaningful activities, each workshop provides practical advice on how to get started and stay motivated as you work towards bigger and better things. 


His book, SIGN UP!, is a great resource that provides practical advice anyone can use to stay motivated on their journey to success. Interactive lessons, like the ones included in the book, are more than just a collection of facts; they are a way to engage users and make them actively think about their goals. 


They provide a framework for users to identify and achieve their own goals, motivating them to take action and move beyond just understanding. With interactive lessons, users track their progress in real time, giving them the reassurance that they are making tangible progress towards success.

Who does Eric’s message benefit as a Life Coach Motivational Speaker and LGBTQ+ Motivational Speaker in Tennessee (TN)

Eric's message can benefit a variety of audiences, from being a motivational speaker for students to working professionals, including women and those in the LGBTQ+ community. No matter who you are, if you are seeking motivation and guidance in your life, Eric can help. 


If you are in the Tennessee area and looking for a professional motivational speaker with experience and insight to boost morale in the workplace, Eric is perfect for you. He has been an inspiring presence at virtual events, corporate seminars, conferences, and multi-day offsite retreats. 


So whether you are looking for a life coach motivational speaker or an educational motivational speaker, Eric is the perfect fit to get your audience inspired and focused on achieving your goals. 


If you’re in the market for a motivational speaker in Tennessee– life coach motivational speaker or educational motivational speaker– or abroad that provides insight into the unique struggles and triumphs of professional people from all walks of life, Eric L Cox is definitely your guy! 


Take the opportunity today to learn from Eric’s powerful message and start taking steps towards a better tomorrow.


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