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Mission: I am on a mission to equip (women and LGBTQ+) professionals with transformational tools to lead courageous, healthy, and fulfilling business and personal lives through one-on-one and group coaching. Co-creating each client's sustainable success map for long-term results. 

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My name is Eric L Cox

I’m a certified health and wellness coach with over two decades of real experience in helping others reach their desired goals in both personal and professional settings.


What I love most about coaching is empowering individuals to leverage validated, scientifically proven tools in order to get unstuck in any area of life and transform behaviors that lead others to truly living out courageous, healthy, and fulfilling lives.


And I continue challenging myself to grow to better support for clients’ growth.

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A health and wellness coach is a professional who works with individuals to help them achieve their overall health and wellness goals–someone who helps people identify healthy lifestyle habits, as well as develop, implement, and maintain various personal goals. As a coach, it's my job to assess an individual's current state and then design a plan to help them reach their desired level of wellness. I work closely with my clients to provide guidance in areas such as nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and goal setting. 


 My SIGN UP (Set Intentional Goals Now to Unlock your Potential) acronym was created after my 2014 year of completing ten endurance races as a way to step out of my comfort zone in order to grow in courage, good health, and fulfillment while raising money for charities I supported. Ready to make a shift in your life? SIGN UP with me today.

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How SIGN UP can help your health and wellness journey?

Setting intentional goals for your life in order to unlock your potential looks different from any other person. Everyone is an individual. And though an individual, each of us like any other human can find ourselves struggling in one or more key areas of life like social & family life or in our career.

If you are not deliberately setting intentional goals and creating the life you want, then you are living a life by default, meaning just accepting and taking life as it comes whether favorable or unfavorable.  Today, you can begin to change your situation by leveraging scientifically proven tools to address the parts of your life you want to see transformed for the better. 

Whether you’re looking for a corporate health and wellness coach or you want to go the DIY approach, SIGN UP services are here to support your journey: self-help book, guided meditations, courses, wellness coaching or more.

Empower Your Journey: Choose Your Path To Transformation

If you are looking for an online health and wellness coach to partner with so you can be your best healthy self physically, mentally, and emotionally then look no further. Eric Cox's two decades of collective coaching experience in sales, leadership, and health & wellness will surely exceed your expectations. Eric’s a passionate believer that just small changes to your routine and lifestyle can lead to great personal growth and development.

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