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Many individuals and organizations lack the necessary tools and support to effectively lead, resulting in stagnant growth, decreased productivity, and unfulfilled personal and business lives.



To equip individuals and organizations with transformational tools to lead courageously, healthily, and fulfillingly in their business and personal lives, through impactful coaching and transformative training products, services, and programs (under the brand of SIGN UP!).

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My name is Eric L Cox, Founder of SIGN UP! Legacy, LLC

I’m a certified (master health and wellness) coach, experienced leadership coach and professional training and development consultant (former AVP in corporate healthcare) with over two decades of real experience in helping others reach their desired goals in both personal and professional settings.


What I love most about coaching and consulting is empowering individuals and organizations to leverage validated, scientifically proven tools in order to get unstuck in any area of life or business and transform behaviors that lead others to truly living out courageous, healthy, and fulfilling business and personal lives.

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SIGN UP! Legacy, LLC is a global training and coaching firm with over 20 years of expertise. Specializing in customized solutions for public and private-sector clients

Coaching Services:

Coaching is a process of supporting and guiding an individual to maximize their potential, achieve their goals, and enhance their personal and professional development.

  • Health and Wellness Coaching (health and wellness coaching is a collaborative and client-centered approach that supports individuals in achieving their health goals, improving overall well-being, and making sustainable lifestyle changes.)


  • Leadership Coaching (leadership coaching is a personalized and developmental process that helps individuals enhance their leadership skills, effectiveness, and performance in professional roles.)

Training & Development Services:

Training and development services involve providing individuals or organizations with educational programs, resources, and initiatives to enhance skills, knowledge, and performance in a specific area.

  • Curriculum Development (curriculum development is the process of designing and creating educational courses, programs, or materials to meet specific learning objectives and outcomes.)


  • Live Training/Facilitation/Speaking “Professional Development Specialist” (training, facilitating, and keynote speaking involve delivering presentations, workshops, or speeches to enhance learning, engage audiences, and inspire action in various settings.)


  • Consulting (professional consulting is the practice of providing expert advice, guidance, and solutions to individuals or organizations to help them improve performance, solve problems, and achieve their business objectives.)

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How SIGN UP! Legacy, LLC can help your organizational or personal health and wellness journey and leadership pursuits?

Unlock your personal or organization's full potential today!


In a world where personalized growth is key, empower yourself or your team with tailored solutions to overcome challenges and excel in all aspects of personal or professional life.


Make intentional strides towards success by harnessing proven tools and expertise in health, leadership, and professional development.


Whether you seek certified coaching, leadership development, or tailored training sessions, SIGN UP offers a range of services and resources to elevate your or your team's performance and drive transformative results.


Take charge of your or your organization's growth - SIGN UP now!"

Empower Your Journey: Choose Your Path To Transformation

Ready to elevate your team's performance and well-being to new heights? Book Eric Cox today! Whether you're seeking a certified master health and wellness coach, a seasoned leadership coach, or a professional training and development consultant, Eric's 20 years of expertise guarantee exceptional results. Empower your organization's people to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally - take the first step towards transformative growth with Eric Cox's proven coaching and training services.

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