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"Slowing Down to Accelerate: Reconnect, Reflect, Strategize, Plan and Execute on a Higher Level "

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Eric L Cox– certified health and wellness coach A client may seek out a health and wellness coach for many reasons, including the following: • To improve their diet and feel more control over their eating habits • To make exercise a priority or add movement to their routine • For real and effective methods to manage stressors • For tools to deal with an addiction to drugs or alcohol • To strengthen other areas of wellness, including spiritual, cultural, or occupational 30 minutes will transform your next 30 years. Book your consultation now! Process for New Clients: Eric meets with new clients for 20–30 minutes to better understand their pain points and needs for change in one or more areas of life. This helps ensure he does not waste their time in a partnership if he is not the best fit for their needs. And likewise, ensure that both their energy is a good match for the long-term coaching relationship. Private Sessions (One-on-One) Package: $1,500.00 (this fee covers 8 hours of 1 hr coaching sessions for a structured life transformation program) *** With new clients, Eric only offers packages to start. Existing clients can pay $250 per hour session rate for continued career or life coaching***

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